This is just a short list of many, many reviews we had all over the world over the past years. If you have some link to online or offline review of any of our products that is not listed here, we will be more than grateful if you send us the link or pdf document to our e-mail
Midnight Blue Series

Marja and Henk, January 2012,

4706 Gaincard Amplifier

Robert Deutsch, December 2001, Stereophile
Milan Rupic ,Issue 2%3, WAM
David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback
Peter Breuninger, Vol.5, No 4, Listener
Harvey Gizmo Rosenberg

Herb Reichert, Spring 1999, Listener

Steven Rochlin, August 1999, Enjoy The Music

4712 PhonoCube Phono Equalizer

Stereo Sound (Japan), Issue 138
Milan Rupic, Issue 5, WAM

4713 Flatfish CD Transport and 4705Progression DAC

Ken Micallef, February 2002, Soundstage
Wess Phillips, August 2001 On HiFi
Issue 12, January 2001, Audio Musings
Dayna B., Summer 2000, Ultimate Audio
Herb Reichert, July 2000, Listener

Complete Setup

Paul Szabady, March 2001, Stereo Times
Peter Russell, May 2001, HiFi+
Steven Rochlin, June 2000, Enjoy The Music
Blair Roger, September 1999,


Junji Kimura "Op-amps are more fun than tubes"
Ryohei Kusunoki "Non-versampling, Digital filterless DAC Concept"
Junji Kimura "Designing PiTracer"
Steven Rochlin "An Interview With 47Laboratory"

Shigaraki Line Products

Arsen Katic, Issue 10, WAM

4704 PiTracer

Jonathan Scull , September 2001 Stereophile
High Fidelity (Japan), June 2001
Stereo Sound (Japan), Issue 138

Miyabi/47 Phono Cartridge

Rufus Smith, September 2001, Enjoy The Music
Myles Astor , Winter 2001, Ultimate Audio
Art Dudley, November 2000, Listener

Konus Essence

Herb Reichert, December 2002, Enjoy the Music
AudioAsylum Review of Konus Essence Loudspeakers, April 2007

4708 OTA Cable

User Discussion on Audiogon Cable Forum


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