Konus Audio Robusto 1000
Konus Audio Robusto 1000

Available in Grey/Orange and Orange/Grey colours as standard.

Please contact us for availability of custom colours.

Konus Audio Robusto 1000 power amplifier is no-compromise dual-mono power amplifier that will drive most of loudspeakers to a sonic bliss. With huge reserve of power, it is capable of reproducing even the most dynamic music sections with great ease and authority. It portraits music with beauty and finesse.  

Konus Audio Robusto 1000 power amplifier is completely in-house handmade product using the highest quality components and high-end hardware.

We don’t compromise. Nor should you.

Our Mission: Always make cost-no-object products of superlative quality and never cut any corners either in design, production, reliability or, consequently, sound quality. We shall not apologise that we manage to achieve our objectives without pushing prices of our products into stratosphere.

Konus Audio Robusto 1000 is also available as Konus Audio Robusto 2000 Mono, in matched pairs of monaural amplifiers.


Input: 1x Line Level

Output Power: 2 x 33 W @ 8 Ohm (Mono Version 1x 33 W )

Class: AB

Size: 192 mm (w) x 215 mm (d) x 75 mm (h)

Weight: 2,8 kg

Power Consumption: Standby 4 W/h - Full Power AVG less than 15 W/h (@ 230 V)

Warranty: 5 years

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