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It is probably the world's first MC phono stage, RIAA equalizing amplifier compatible with current input and current output. It captures minute electric power generated by the MC cartridge as current (= output voltage / internal resistance), amplifies and equalizes it, and sends it to the power amplifier as a current-mode signal. For that reason, s508u presents very fresh, high-quality sound and dynamism. By adopting the principle superior current-mode signaling in music signals chain, s508u is progressing dramatically from the conventional audio systems. By simplifying the conventional voltage-mode complex equipment, the purity of the music signal is dramatically improved.

With unified electronics topology, s508u can be connected seamlessly to both the current-mode amplifiers as well as to the conventional voltage-mode amplifiers.


Input Terminals: Unbalanced RCA pin jack, chassis ground terminal.

Input Impedance: 0Ω - total gain depends on cartridge internal impedance.

Gain: selectable 60dB or 75dB@1kHz) - adjustable by gain switch.

Type: MC cartridge, CR network RIAA equalizing, NF de-emphasis, dual stage current amplifier.

Line Output: Unbalanced RCA

Operations: Power switch, Gain switch (high/low)

Size W260×H46×D160mm - B5 size

Weight 1.46 kg (without power cable)

Materials: Stainless steel, hairline finished. Stainless top panel with clear acrylic.