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Compact size FM/AM tuner with superlative sound quality.

We thoroughly pursued high sensitivity and internal noise reduction, resulting in further improvement to clear and high fidelity reception, performance and fine musical expression. In addition to the current-mode output, you can connect s509u directly to conventional voltage-mode amplifiers thanks to the unified electronics topology.


FM Antenna: F-type connector (75Ω coaxial)

FM Band: 87~108MHz (world wide) 50/75μs de-emphasis, stereo

FM Features: 2.2μV EMF (@S/N = 26dB), stereo S/N 50dB, AFC

AM Band: 522~1620kHz (9kHz step, Europe/Asia/Africa),

AM Features: 30μV EMF (@S/N = 26dB), AFC (automatic frequency control), no AM stereo supported.

Line Output: 1 x Line Stereo Analog RCA

Size: W200 × H100 × D57mm

Weight: 900g (without power cable)

Power Consumption: less than 5W