Konus Audio Vinyle 1000MC
Konus Audio Vinyle 1000MC

Available in Grey/Orange and Orange/Grey colours as standard.

Please contact us for availability of custom colours.

Konus Audio Vinyle 1000MC

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Welcome to another dimension of vinyl playback!

Konus Audio Vinyle 3000MC is no-compromise full dual-mono current phono preamplifier with very accurate RIAA equlization that offers the best performance for moving coil cartridges.

Designing Konus Audio Vinyle 3000MC we already had the reference standard of our Konus Audio Vinyle 1000MC as something that needs to be elevated to a new dimension for this project to be a success.

Everyone familiar with 1000MC thought we are undertaking an impossible mission, however, by revising the tiniest design details, rethinking even the most obvious, axiomatic design aspects, we have managed to create a phono preamplifier that is truly a worthy companion to the Fuuga cartridge and other phono cartridge in non-plus-ultra category.

Konus Audio Vinyle 3000MC is completely in-house handmade product using the highest quality components and high-end hardware.

We don’t compromise. Nor should you.

Konus Audio Vinyle 3000MC extracts the current signal from the cartridge by short circuiting cartridge coils by zero ohms, and then this current is amplified into line level voltage.

By using current amplification and extracting the current signal, the magnetic distortion of the cartridge is significantly reduced, meaning that linearity across the frequency range is improved. As a result Konus Audio Vinyle 3000MC is able to amplify the original cutting signal on records as precisely as possible, with superior sound quality in comparison to conventional phono preamplifiers or step-up transformers.

Our Mission: Always make cost-no-object products of superlative quality and never cut any corners either in design, production, reliability or, consequently, sound quality. We shall not apologise that we manage to achieve our objectives without pushing prices of our products into stratosphere.

Upgradeability: We can upgrade your Konus Audio Vinyle 1000MC to Konus Audio Vinyle 3000MC!


Input: 1x Low Level MC Phono Cartridge

Output: 1x Line Level

Size: 192 mm (w) x 205 mm (d) x 75 mm (h)

Weight: 1,5 kg

Power Consumption: Standby 2,1 W/h - Full Power  2,1 W/h (@ 230 V)

Warranty: 5 years